How to create a status page

Create a status page for your company or project in three easy steps.

1. Enter your company's name

Enter your company's name. Your subdomain will be generated based on the name, but you can also edit it using the subdomain input.

After adding your company's name, click Next.

Step 1 - Your company's name

2. Add your components

Enter your status page components, each on a separate line.

Don't worry about adding all of them now, you can always add other components later. Examples may include: Website, API, Mobile app, Client websites, Chat, Dashboard, etc..

After finishing that, click Next.

Step 2 - Your status page's components

3. Add your team members

Now it's time to add your team members who will be admins of the status page. Add their emails each on a separate line, or separate them by a comma.

Don't worry if you don't have emails now, you can always add more later.

If you're not logged in, you'll also add your email address.

After adding team members, click Next.

Step 3 - Your team members

4. Add your logo and support email

You can now enter optional details, like your company's logo, and your public support email. The support email will be displayed to your users, so they can send you issues they find.

This step is entirely optional and you can add or edit them later.

After finishing this step click Next.

Step 4 - optional details


Congratulations! You now have a new status page. You're now able to use it to communicate your status and incidents to all your customers!

Your new status page 🚀