Use your custom domain

Here, you'll learn how to host your status page on your custom domain.

Before we start

To be able to edit your status page, make sure you are signed in. Sign in at Then, open your status page. You can always find it at

To use your custom domain you need to upgrade to a paid plan. To upgrade, go to click Upgrade on your status page menu.

Configure your DNS

On your domain registrar add a CNAME record from your domain.





Choose the default or minimum allowed value

You can do this on most registrars by doing the following steps:

  1. Go to your domain settings page.

  2. Manage DNS.

  3. Add a record.

  4. Choose CNAME record type.

  5. Choose the HOST. Typically status, but you can choose any host, and it'll be your subdomain.

  6. Points to will be:

  7. Leave the TTL like default

Configure your page

  • Go to you customize page

  • Add your custom domain, like, but replace with your own domain.

Done! You can now use your custom domain.

Congratulations! You can now start to use your custom domain. The first visit may take a bit to load, then it'll work perfectly!